maroon clownfish fighting

The 180 Tank Almost October update

Work has been crazy this week and it’s definitely taken a toll on my time to spend on tank maintenance and related enjoyment. Also I made the mistake of moving a clam back and forth between the main tank and the frag tank one too many times. Must have irritated enough to cause it to perish.

The tank, though being fed very little, is strangely filled with cyanobacteria and I just can’t shake it!

180 October 2015

And here are the most interesting corner of the tank at the moment- the pair of maroon clowns. They are captive raised and I specifically picked them out for the misbar. They were hand picked from a group of dozen living in a grow out tank. For some reason once they got into my 180 they began to quarrel, and on jumped into my overflow. It lived there for two weeks. I thought I have lost it until I found it one day! And after I rescued it I notice it has fallen way behind the growth curve compare to the other- you can clearly see it. Now the larger one is hosting the anemone and looks like the small one wants a piece of it.

maroon clownfish fighting

I don’t think I’ve actually specifically shown my sump before. Right now the sump is kind of… a grave of all dead corals from the past. It is mixed in with liverock and a starter bundle of cheato. I am still debating whether I want to keep using the filter sock…

180 sump

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