purple tang

Saturday, is a loot day

I feel the tank is more of less stable. Actually, it won’t get any more stable than it is right now so I decided to swing by Living Art Aquarium and pick up a fish been on hold for me for nearly a month. Unfortunately, unlike every other trip most of our hobbyists take- you come home with more than what you have planned leaving home. And this is what came came home with….

Loot of the day

Actually, before I even hit the store I visited a fellow hobbyists and obtained two of his Rose Bubble Tip anemones at a bargain price- The beauty of local reef club with trading forum is that you can find livestock that are captive bred, hardy, readily transitioned to other tanks, and also typically at a much lower price than retail due to the lack of middlemen.


And the fish on hold for me was a rescued purple tang. This Tang was on the verge of death. The store managed to nurse the fish back to life. The poor thing went through two rounds of medication treatments and is finally recovered- though not without scars, the fish has a missing chance of dorsal fin and some skin imperfections. It is otherwise an XL purple tang with great appetite for anything.

purple tang

You can see the moment this fish arrives it received the VIP treatment from the pair of cleaner wrasse. The cleaner wrasse proceeded to continue pick the tang for the next several hours and I think the tang is actually quite fed up by the time I am writing this post. By the way, I still stand firm that you should NOT obtain cleaner wrasse. My pair however, did not come from retail. They were a pair of wrasses established from a fellow hobbyist’s tank as he was getting out of the hobby, I volunteered to provide them the next permanent home.

Oh… and the day did not end there. Since I have a cyanobacteria issue, I thought it might just be good to get a sand sifting goby. so there I was, staring down this big guy- a diamond goby

diamond goby

And… .then I actually broke my own word by obtaining another Mandarin dragonet. The truth is ever since the tank apocalypse, the decreased fish population has led to an explosion of pod population. I actually needed someone to take control of this pod situation (not that it’s a situation, but since I’ve terraformed the tank for dragonets, and my wife loves them, it’s only sensible right?)

Mandarin & Gody

I will update everyone how they are doing in a few days!

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