Designer Clownfish

Fredonia fragswap of Wisconsin

LPS corals at fragswap
A tank full of beautiful LPS, with elegant coral frags as low as $25 each

One great thing about the technological advances in aquarium husbandry is hobbyists’ ability to not only keep creatures alive, but thrive and breed/propogate them. Regional fragswap events are the best testimonial for home aquaculture. The Fredonia Fragswap is also known as Fragstock.

Today actually make my first participation of this particular event. The honest truth I have not come out this way is because Fredonia and surrounding isn’t particularly a convenient traveling destination for me. And there is not a whole lot of amenity near it to make it a “combo” trip.

Above is the 5″ squamosa clam I have scored in this event. If you have been following my threads you know I have a clam obsession. I will take a better photo of this clam at another day once it is fully acclimated to my tank.

A Group of designer clownfish from Bestfish in Milwaukee. The price is especially amazing, the platinum snow clowns are $20 each and the black ones are $30, snow onyx at $15 each! what a steal! Brian the owner of Bestfish is a great guy. If you ever need any aquarium supply or livestock (fresh or salt) in the Southeast WI area I would definitely visit this place.

I have seen these trip-color bubble tip anemones in stores before but have never bought one simply because of the pricing. This beauty here (all acclimated and opened up in my tank) was $35 at the event, about less than 1/2 the price I would have paid at any store.

Bestfish also sold almost all of the equipments they brought to the event- which makes sense, they are used, they are heavy. So to avoid having to haul them back and then restock as used, they just sell them to participants for a very good deal at the event. I was able to snatch this Deep Blue timeless reef ready aquarium and a Kessil 150 LED light for.. again, less than 1/2 of what I would have paid for brand new. Now this piece of beauty is set up next to the 180Gallon Reef- my first official frag tank!

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