20141222 Mixing Zebrasoma Tangs

As you might have read in one of my previous posts I lost my beloved yellow tang during the tank transfer. I have been wanting to replace it but was living under the fear that the desjardini sailfin tang would tear it apart since they belong in the same genera.
Last weekend I added a pyramid butterfly knowing no one would bother him. And I also added a paracanthurus hepatic blue tang to test the waters of the sailfin tang’s acceptance of another tang. My logic it that not only the blue tang look different enough, but it also was of a decent size and in a larger community. The large tank size, complex rock work, as well as many other active fish distracting the acclimation process paid off. Both the blue tang and the butterfly were successfully introduced with only a minor flame angel incident.
This week I discovered a healthy, well eating yellow tang at a local fish store and decided to go for it.
The yellow tang was initially timid upon the introduction. But I did a heavy dose of feeding as distraction. Not only no other fish bothered the new comer, the yellow tang actually took a few bites!
During the two nights ensuing the introduction, I have observed no aggression at all from either of the existing tangs toward the yellow tang with the exception of occasional “size up” fin display. But no slashing action.
Here is a video of all the fish swimming happily together.

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